Gender Dynamics

The dynamic in the class I’m taking in Spain is identical to what I saw in the Ukraine of my youth. The women are speaking, arguing, and feeling completely comfortable to express themselves. Even when they we don’t have much to say, we go on and on, admiring the sound of hearing ourselves speak. In short, we act like American male scholars.

The men in our class giggle uncomfortably and say nothing beyond, “oh, I don’t know. I never thought about it. Hee hee.” In short, they act like American female scholars.

Everybody in the class is Spanish except for me and a female scholar from Poland. Obviously, the female scholar from Poland never shuts up. And clearly thinks I speak too much.

I know very well what makes men (and I mean collectively, not individually) lose their capacity to speak. Once stable employment and familial responsibilities go out of reach, this is what happens to them. Spain is suffering enormously from precarity and the subsequent collapse of the family. And here’s the result.


2 thoughts on “Gender Dynamics

  1. Which still leaves us, benighted European readers of your blog, in the dark as to why American male scholars keep going on even when they do not have much to say while American female scholars don’t. Please enlighten us!!!

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    1. American women, especially those born since the 1970s, are that way. And it gets worse with each generation. The outspoken, active women who speak up and make their presence known are all 60+. It’s a phenomenon I haven’t fully been able to decipher.

      Another cultural observation: women from hijab countries have no problem speaking up but they are extraordinarily infantile. The level of poutiness and helplessness is worse than that of a 5-year-old. This makes sense in the culture they come from. But Americans – I have no idea whatsoever. Especially since it’s clearly getting worse.


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