Drop in Popularity

Let’s draw some hope that school shootings will drop in popularity like serial killings did. Look at the serial murders graph across the decades:

There does seem to be something like a fad (or a Zeitgeist, if we want to put it more respectfully) governing this kind of thing. And curiously, my part of the world seems to follow the US graph of serial killers. All of the really famous ones are from the 1980s.

4 thoughts on “Drop in Popularity

    1. The overwhelming majority of mass shootings is done by gangs. The US has a gang problem that doesn’t exist in any other developed country. But the mass media play a trick on us, never mentioning the gang component and leading us to believe that “mass shootings” are all either Dylan Roof or Columbine scenario. And those are the tiniest of minorities among mass shootings that create these scary numbers.

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  1. I think the decline in serial killings was mostly to do with police departments finally talking to each other across jurisdictions, and compiling databases that they all could access? It made them easier to catch.

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