Russia Collusion Hoax

Friends, have you heard about the Sussmann trial? It’s a trial of the guy who was one of the leading creators of the Russia collusion hoax. I only found out about the trial today, and for three se who are similarly lost, here’s a link to a great thread about what took place in the trial so far.

The Russia collusion was an obvious hoax from day 1 as I said from the start. Ultimately, it proved to be a good thing because the Democrats achieved nothing of value with it and entrapped themselves into having to help Ukraine when Russia invaded in February. Without the Russia collusion hoax, we would see the repetition of 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine and the entire Democratic establishment spread lies about “Ukrainian Nazis” who invaded themselves. So I’m grateful for the hoax but the truth needs to come out because we lucked out with this one and might not be this fortunate in the future.

3 thoughts on “Russia Collusion Hoax

  1. Been keeping casual track of it since it started. Don’t expect anything to come of it because the Clintons and the FBI never, ever get prosecuted successfully for wrongdoing, and the judge in the case is incestuously connected to basically everyone involved. And the media refuse to cover it. So when it’s over, the whole DC machine will shovel sand over it and pretend it never happened.

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    1. It’s not going to change anything, unfortunately. Most people’s psyches cannot accept the possibility that they’ve been duped. Clinton herself could give a speech explaining how the hoax was created and spread, and they’ll still refuse to believe it. Once the ego attaches to a narrative, it’s next to impossible to pry them apart.


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