How a Nation Fades Away

Twenty years ago, everybody on the Right and older people on the Left would tell you that America is a force of good in the world.

Ten years ago, the Left crossed over to the side of “America is the source of evil.” There was absolutely no calamity that occurred anywhere in the world and at any time in history that wasn’t America’s fault. At the more outlandish side of the spectrum, I heard colleagues blame the US for Stalinist purges and students blame the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711 on the evil America.

But at least the Right was open to the point of view where America didn’t cause absolutely everything bad that ever happened and actually did some good things.

This is no longer true. It’s rare to see anybody on the Right under the age of 70 who doesn’t share the Left’s knee-jerk reaction of finding America at the root of every evil.

Why this idea was created is obvious. In order to continue to exist, the nation-state must be loved. If we don’t love our nation and think it’s the best, it will fade away. And once it fades away, the democratic institutions lose all power. We become easier to rob and control.

It’s clear who benefits from all this. What’s less clear is why the people who have everything to lose and absolutely nothing to gain from this are so eagerly parroting the moronic lies about systemic racisms and NATO expansions.

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