Remember the 1990s?

I took Klara to Walgreens to get a passport picture. We are going to Canada for the 40-day church service and gathering.

She has a huge black eye because right on the eve of the picture-taking she ran into a friend. It was cold, so I wrapped her in my shawl. Her facial expression was that of extreme misery because she detests having her picture taken.

“You look like a Ukrainian refugee,” I joked.

The photographer gave me a dirty look.

“I’m Ukrainian!” I said. “I’m allowed!”

The photographer is way too young to remember Seinfeld and understand the reference. I discovered today that Seinfeld is only 3 yours younger than my Dad. This kind of blew my mind because I always associated him with Gen X.

Another funny fact: I read an article about the very recent end of Seinfeld and how much everybody was going to miss it on the plane to Canada when I was emigrating. I remember thinking, “what an amazing life it is when people can watch this kind of show and enjoy it.”

I only caught the tail-end of the North American 1990s but I remember them fondly.

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