Monopolies vs Competition

You can no longer buy books from a Kindle app on Android phones. Google is unhappy about the lack of popularity of its book app and is trying to squeeze out the competition in this unimaginative way.

Of course, Google could try to improve its own app and win the old capitalist way by doing better than the competition. I almost never use the Google app because it’s ugly and inconvenient. The Kindle app is a place where one wants to be. I have my reading insights, my book challenges, my series all organized automatically. It’s very easy to copy as many quotes as I need. What, Google doesn’t have enough money or talent to improve their own app and make it usable? Even their search engine is for shit. I have to use bizarre ways of searching for books to get what I need. And they have almost no reviews which are crucial to a book purchase. Book blurbs are next to non-existent. If I’m interested in a book they sell, I always have to research it on Amazon first.

I hate these low, monopolistic tricks. If you make a superior product, users will flock to it. But trying to force people to buy crappy stuff when something better exists is pathetic.

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