Freedom Still Works

I’m not the person who brought Ukraine into the discussion of gun control but since reader CRC did it, I will mention that at the very beginning of the war, the Ukrainian government made the decision to arm the civilian population. Everybody who wanted a gun, a rifle, whatever was available, could go and get it. So far, there have been no recorded cases of people turning the weapons against each other or using them for any nefarious purpose. Ukraine isn’t the US. There’s complete freedom of information. If there were any information to the contrary, we’d know it.

Conclusion: if you arm the entire population with zero controls, this will not by itself lead to anything bad. There are many other components except wide availability of weapons.

One more thing. Every serious analyst attributes Ukraine’s early success in the war against Russia to the contrast between Russia’s heavily centralized power and Ukraine’s purposeful dismantling of such power structures since 2014. “We the people” is a principle that still works.

Also, the reason why Russian soldiers are so stunned by the much higher standard of living in Ukraine is that since 2014 Ukraine has been removing many government regulations on small and medium-sized businesses. The process of starting a business was dramatically simplified. The tax code, the certification, everything has been reduced and there are plans to reduce more. The results were immediate and strikingly good.

Ukraine is supporting every favorite measure of US conservatives and demonstrating that it works. Nation-state, strong borders, limited government, local rights, deregulation of small business, freedom of speech, gun rights. It’s all there. Yet they are still sighing sadly over their crush on Mr Trudeau 2.0 known as Vladimir Putin.

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