Favorite Rhetorical Device

I spent 15 years deep on the American Left, so “you want XYZ to die” has no effect on me. This is the Left’s favorite rhetorical device that is deployed whenever you demonstrate the smallest disagreement with the current dogma. Which changes every 3 minutes, of course. The other day, I saw somebody on Twitter come out with this gem: “Republicans want more kids to be born so that they can then shoot them.” Immediately, this was picked up by every social media with great glee.

“Against puberty blockers? You want trans children to die!”

“Voted for Trump? You want black people to be genocided!”

I’m completely impervious to this rhetoric, so people should keep it to themselves.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Rhetorical Device

  1. Back in the days when I used to engage in arguments over political philosophy on Facebook, there was a guy I’ve never met who jumped on everything I said, accusing me of hating poor people and wanting them to die. He had no idea who I was, wouldn’t have known me if he’d bumped into me on the street, but somehow he could look into my soul and discern a deep-seated hatred of poor people. Amazing.

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    1. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a completely useless, vacuous rhetorical device. Nobody is motivated by hatred and the desire to see anybody dead. The word “hatred” is massively overused.

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