Depp vs Heard

I have no opinion on Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard other than how consistently surprising it is for me that mega-rich, famous men in America don’t try to purchase the company of beautiful, pleasing women. Heard looks OK, if completely generic, but for men like Depp and Musk to go for her (or that grimy Grimes person) and not for some stunning beauty is incomprehensible. It’s clearly not these women’s intellect and stellar personal qualities that they are attracted to. If you want dysfunction, there are plenty dysfunctional beauties to purchase.

10 thoughts on “Depp vs Heard

  1. Stereotype Grimes and I guess Heard are likely going for is Manic Pixie Dream Girl ( goes through fictional examples of it, although the lit ones are crap) . Be somewhere between generically pretty and jolie laide, emote very heavily to counterbalance emotionally-deadened Anglo dudes, make them feel special and make them feel alive. Be the anima required by guys who are 85% superego, pretty much.

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  2. That is an odd one. But there’s a whole genre on the internet of “My life was ruined because I dated/married a woman with BPD” that at least attempts to explain it. Spoiler: apparently they’re super-fun in bed. Right up until they decide you’re not paying them enough attention and then you become enemy #1, and you are now responsible for everything bad that’s ever happened to them.

    I think you’re onto something though. Probably seems like a good deal when the crazy chick will hang on your arm for free, but in the long run, a lot of these guys would be way better off with a professional arm-hanger. I’d wager they’re just as fun in bed, and all the costs are up front in cash, instead of later through the courts and the destruction of your career and reputation.

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  3. Musk met Grimes after making a pun related to an obsure AI theory. When he googled it, he discovered she had made it first. She has also released a bunch of albums related to Sci Fi, so probably they do have a fair amount in common.


    1. Depp and Heard have even more in common. They are both unhinged, disgusting individuals with zero morals and absolutely no dignity. I’d understand if they lived in poverty but for such rich people not to get treatment is extremely self-indulgent.


      1. I find Depp’s behavior somewhat comprehensible just because he lived such a charmed life for so long. He was in A Nightmare on Elm Street, then co-star in a hit TV series, then a niche movie star in quirky indi and Tim Burton movies, then a full blown megastar after Pirates of the Caribbean. It wasn’t until The Lone Ranger flopped in 2013 that he had a significant reverse.

        I can see how knowing nothing but success until you’re 50 might not be the greatest thing for building character.


  4. Musk likes Grimes for her intellect from what I understand. As for Depp, I just can’t get over how he has all that money, fame, and success and is just a miserable alcoholic and drug addict.

    I do think the case is yet another demonstration of why people should withhold judgment more in these cases, as initially, everyone was absolutely sure that Depp had been the abuser in this relationship and that Heard was just an innocent sweerheart.

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    1. Did you see that photo shoot of Grimes walking around with a volume of Marx, pretending that’s why she broke up with Musk? The woman is a congenital idiot.


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