Out of Sync

At 11 pm I feel energized, fresh, positive and in top form. At 8 (or 7 or 9) am I feel like normal people do at 11 pm after a hard day’s work. I’m bleary-eyed, exhausted, and ready for a long sleep.

I’ve been like this my whole life. It’s a heavy burden to be so out of sync with the rest of the world.


10 thoughts on “Out of Sync

  1. My husband’s like that. There absolutely are morning people and night owls. You can’t help your own natural rhythm and it takes a toll and causes stress to always have to adhere to a schedule that’s not natural to you.

    I am a morning person and super energetic as soon as I get up, but brain pretty much shuts down around 11 pm. I can veg out, but not much more. Husband, however, is completely nonverbal until after lunch. However, at 2 am he is ready to talk my ear off about politics, current events, you name it.

    We don’t drive to work together and so pay for two parking spots even though we could carpool because he harshes my buzz in the morning, and I annoy him to know end with my boundless chipper energy. We both need space to transition between home and work in our own ways.

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    1. My husband and I are both mega night owls. Thankfully, our kid respects that and had never tried to wake us up. My gratitude to her is profound but I think she enjoys having the house to herself in the mornings.

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  2. I’m like that as well—I get up around one in the afternoon and typically don’t go to bed until about five in the morning. I got lucky in finding a shift that works for me right off the bat.

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  3. What makes you think you are out of sync with the rest of the world? Perhaps the rest of the world is out of sync with you…


  4. I have not followed it, but there is a lot of research on different daily biological clocks. My first wife did a bit of research on this as a grad student. She dropped out of the program, so I am not aware that she published anything about it. She was working on how people with different daily rhythms handle “jet lag” differently.

    My father was a morning person; he never, to my knowledge, slept past 5:00 am, and he rarely stayed up past 9:00 pm. My mother was a night owl and was often awake and working at 2:am. She constantly berated herself for sleeping so late.

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  5. “how people with different daily rhythms handle “jet lag” differently”

    I never get jet lag going from the states to Europe but the opposite direction has wiped me out the last few times.


    1. Interesting, cliff arroyo. I experience jet lag both ways, but it is worse travelling eastward. But my own biological clock is erratic. I have inherited both of my parents’ proclivities, but I don,t have the stamina for both staying up late and arising early, so the time of day that I am energetic varies a lot.


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