Their Last Battle

Toddlers in Russia are forced to sing a song that begins, “We are ready to go into our last battle with Uncle Vova.”

Vova is a diminutive of Vladimir. Uncle Vova is Putin. But forget Uncle Vova. Note the words “our last battle.” Why is it the last battle?

Look at these cute little faces. Look at the military uniforms. What are they being prepared for? And who is their enemy in that last battle? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “U” but it isn’t Ukraine.

5 thoughts on “Their Last Battle

  1. “who is their enemy in that last battle? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “U””


    Uzbekstan? That would be hard since there’s no shared border….

    Uganda? I don’t see the point of that…

    Uruguay? Have they confused it with Argentina? I could understand Argentina… but Uruguay?

    U2? I can totally get on board with that, they’ve been insufferable for years!

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  2. Does it matter? If your goal is to unify people against a common enemy, the identity of the enemy isn’t really important.


    1. It’s important if you are sitting right there in the country they believe is their mortal foe. And I am. It’s good that Uganda will be fine but I’m worried for us over here.


      1. The best kind of enemy is one on the other side of the planet who you never come into contact with. Actually launching an attack would defeat the purpose of having an enemy.


  3. «Мне так неуютно стало…»
    Андрей Дементьев (умер 26 июня 2018 г.)

    Мне так неуютно стало
    В лоне родной страны.
    Душа от обид устала
    От торжества шпаны.
    Всем заломили руки,
    Кто косо взглянул на власть.
    Уж лучше с ней жить в разлуке,
    Чем в лапах ее пропасть.
    Муза, не будь слугою,
    Как я не стал холуем.
    Мне легче уйти в изгои,
    Чем видеть, как рушат дом.
    Как рушат любимый берег,
    Где боль моя и друзья.
    …В Россию лишь можно верить,
    А жить в ней давно нельзя.

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