Movie Notes: Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman?

It’s s great documentary, my friends. Please watch. Walsh travels around the country, asking people a simple question, “what is a woman?” The number of people who are incapable of answering because they are afraid of saying something politically incorrect is scary.

The documentary explores the trans delusion. Walsh talks to several gender therapists, physicians, and theorists, and soon discovers how extraordinarily weak and vapid their theories are. A woman is anybody who feels like a woman. But how does being a woman feel? Like being a woman, of course! And on and on we go. Nobody would care if there weren’t a whole cottage industry of child mutilation that brings increasingly delightful profits to a bunch of gender peddlers.

The most poignant part of the movie is an interview with a woman who underwent six surgeries to look like a man. She had terrible things done to herself, destroying her health and shortening her lifespan. She is trying to warn people that if she got caught up in this insanity as an adult, it’s so much worse for kids who get lured into the gender cult.

Another really important moment is when Jordan Peterson is interviewed and he says that it’s absolutely not a therapist’s job to “affirm” the patient’s beliefs. Many people don’t know this. Apparently, many therapists don’t either and they end up not doing anything of value for the patients. The only functioning form of therapy does the exact opposite. It frustrates and keeps the patient on a low simmer. What soothes doesn’t heal.

Excellent movie. I know Walsh is annoying but he worked hard to keep his annoying personality in check as much as possible for the movie.

6 thoughts on “Movie Notes: Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman?

  1. My opinion on the matter is from what I can gather about the science:

    The LGBTQ+ community likes to claim that gender is what you are mentally and sex is what you are physically. The problem with this is that there is no scientific, quantifiable, biological concept of gender in this sense. From what I have gathered Googling, the hard science is that all human brains are the same. Back in the late 19th and early 20th century, scientists began studying human brains to verify what was considered a pretty widely accepted truth: that the brains of women and non-whites were inferior, and hence the white male brain was the superior human brain.

    But they discovered something that (to them) was rather curious: no matter how hard they looked, they could not find a difference between the brains of whites and non-whites and males and females. They are all literally the same. Scientists have been trying since to try and find a structural difference between male and female brains, but they can’t. Female brains of average do tend to be smaller, but that is just due to women having smaller bodies on average then males.

    So the thing is, there is no such thing as being a “male mind” in a female body, or a “female mind” in a male body. What creates the differences in “male brains” and “female brains” is determined by the sex of the body itself, and hence its hormones. Males have lots more testosterone, which activates the parts of the brain for sex and aggression much more, and it seems also the parts interested in things like engineering and mechanics and so forth, while lacking estrogen. Women on the other hand have far less testosterone while having lots of estrogen (which activates the nurturing parts of the brain).

    This hormonal influence on males is especially seen with animals when you cut the balls off. You’ll get like a male buck horse, really aggressive and horny, then the balls get removed and he becomes much more calm and docile and “female”-like. It isn’t because of a brain change, it’s a hormone change. Same with wild pigs as well. You get male pigs with a real bad attitude, remove the balls, and they become very chill. You take a human male, remove the balls and then pump him with estrogen and he’ll probably become pretty indistinguishable from a female in demeanor. We also see the opposite with female bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids. Adding testosterone into their system greatly increases their aggression and sexual desire, and they become much more “male” in behavior.

    Now some try to claim that “male” and “female” at the chromosome level is debatable, because while traditionally males are XY and females are XX, there are exceptions, where some males are like XXY or XXYY, and females similarly. But just in my NON-politically correct OPINION, there is a simple way here to determine whether the person is a male or a female: regardless of the chromosomes, does the person have a penis and balls and the ability to impregnate a female? Then it’s a male. Does it have ovaries and a vagina and a uterus and the ability to get pregnant and produce another human? Then it’s a female. Easy-peasy. Yes some males may be XXXYYY and some females XYYYY of whatnot, but that just means that the chromosomal makeup of males and females is not absolute. In fact, some men lose their Y chromosome as they age (smoking can exacerbate this). So are those dudes now “females?” There ARE legtimately intersex people, i.e. people where both their chromosomes and their sex organs themselves aren’t quite male or female, they are literally biologically and physically somewhere between being a male and a female. But these people are rare.

    So basically all these different “genders” are just made-up nonsense. There are people who very strongly feel that they are truly in the wrong body, but that just means they have a condition that is making them reject their biological sex. It doesn’t mean they are therefore the opposite gender in that body. Technically speaking, “gender” ceases to exist when just talking about the brain.

    One argument I like to throw out is that if the political Left, who like to claim the mantle of being the “people of science,” are so willing to toss science out the window when it goes against their ideology on something like gender, then it makes one wonder how adherent to science they are when it comes to other things they are ideological about, such as Covid and climate change.

    Anyways, my rant for the day.

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    1. “The LGBTQ+ community likes to claim that gender is what you are mentally and sex is what you are physically”

      You’re behind the time… they claim that biological sex essentially doesn’t exist and to the extent it exists it is also what you are mentally (or “identify” as) and/or a social construct.

      Technically this is just a portion of the TA (trans activist) subset.

      Everytime you set a new bar for insanity with these people… they jump right over it and dare you to set it higher.

      Try to talk about gametes (male and female with no spectrum between them or any ‘third’ gamete) and they dredge up incredibly rare medical conditions as if it were some massive own and resiste giving anything like a definition whatsoever…..

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      1. There’s a great moment in the movie when Walsh asks a gender enthusiast what a woman is.

        “Only a woman can define what a woman is,” says the activist pompously. “I’m not a woman so I can’t say.”

        “OK,” says Walsh. “What’s a cat? Can you define what a cat is!”

        The gender activist gets upset and wanders off.

        The party of science strikes again. I don’t know what a table is because I’m not a table. Let’s throw away all dictionaries because they are filled with definitions of things that never told us how they define themselves.


    2. One of materialism’s many flaws is confusing “mind” and “brain”.

      I find it humorous that the alphabet movement, sterile child of materialist parents, is limping and stumbling back around to the idea of souls. What will they discover next? God?

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      1. They are still out of luck because souls are not sexed in Christianity. This is one of the amazing, revolutionary breakthroughs of Christianity that made it so attractive to women.

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    3. That’s a great comment, PMan. Instead of treating the mental issues of people with dysphoria, we mutilate their bodies. It’s like that old joke that the best cure for a migraine is the guillotine. In a literal sense, it’s true. But it’s the height of idiocy to modify bodies to align with feelings. Since feelings are intangible, shouldn’t we try to modify them instead? I know a chronic migraine sufferer who in the midst of a particularly brutal migraine would moan, “can somebody just cut my head off?” Thankfully, we never affirmed her identity of a headless person, so she’s still alive.


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