Tasteless Toilets

A university is a big operation. Sometimes things don’t work as they should. Take toilets. They are crucial. But sometimes plumbing breaks. Our university-wide email notification system informs us if in one of the buildings toilets have to be closed for repairs. Then we know that it’s best to try our luck in other buildings and can plan accordingly.

The new top administrator was scandalized that there are messages about toilets coming through the email notification system. Eeew, nasty. So without warning anybody, he banned tasteless toilet talk from the messaging system.

And then, of course, plumbing broke down in my building. Since nobody received any notice, people were running around the building like scared rabbits, hoping to find a functioning toilet. If you know you’ll have to schlep across campus to do your business, you plan accordingly. But with no warning, it gets icky.

After repeated requests to give us our toilet news back, the new administrator relented. It’s kind of funny, though, that an adult person would have this intense reaction to such a normal, everyday subject.

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