Important Conversation

Klara says, “Today was the best day of the trip, Mommy.”

“What did you like about it?”

“I had an important conversation with my uncle.”

“What did you talk about?”

“Family. Food. How I got my toy camel.”

“How did you get your toy camel?”

“Uncle gave it to me.”

The camel has “I ❤️ Qatar” written on its side. It’s really weird to think that the Peruvian uncle gave my American child a toy camel from Qatar while I was at an Indian restaurant with my Ukrainian sister.


12 thoughts on “Important Conversation

  1. Ah, Clarissa, what a touching family story! Perhaps odd and insignificant to strangers, unless they’ve been blessed enough in their lives to understand that every healthy family has its own unique loving interactions.

    It brings back VERY old memories to me. THANK YOU for posting it!

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  2. В Украине запрещён ввоз книг, изданных в России и Беларуси. Также запрещено издание в Украине русских переводов иностранных книг.
    При этом каждый новорожденный в Украине получит сертификат на покупку изданных в Украине книг.



  3. Зі шкільної програми зарубіжної літератури будуть вилучені твори російських та радянських авторів.

    Відповідне рішення ухвалено робочою групою Міністерства освіти і науки з оновлення змісту навчальних програм для 6-9 класів та 10-11 класів.

    У робочій групі зазначають, що рішення про вилучення літературних творів ухвалено зважаючи на результати обговорення питання доцільності російської культури й літератури в умовах війни, що відбулося у Всеукраїнській спілці вчителів-словесників та Українській асоціації викладачів зарубіжної літератури.

    Зокрема, зі шкільних програм зарубіжної літератури будуть вилучені твори понад 40 російських та радянських письменників, поетів, прозаїків та митців.

    New vs old program can be seen here:

    Click to access Rishennya.pdf


  4. Ukraine’s forceful tactics may work in Europe but in Israel they are a complete disaster (for many reasons):

    // Ukraine embassy blasts Israel for withholding treatment from its troops
    Social media campaign calls out Jerusalem for not providing prosthetics to Ukrainian soldiers who lost limbs in conflict with Russia; Jerusalem officials outraged, call ad ‘untoward’

    As part of the funded campaign, the mission shared on its social media an image of a 19-year-old Ukrainian soldier named Dalil who had lost both his legs in a Russian assault and requires an urgent prosthetic transplant.

    “The Israeli government is unwilling to treat him only because he is Ukrainian”, the ad reads in Hebrew in bold red-white text with the official logo of the Ukrainian embassy emblazoned in the bottom left corner.


    1. You’re saying this approach doesn’t work as if some other approach would. But we both know it’s not true. Israel has sided with Russia, and that’s all there is to it.


  5. In our latest news, Iranians are trying extremely hard to kill Israelis in Turkey:

    // Israeli and Turkish security agencies conducted a counter terrorism operation over the weekend to country Iranian plans to murder and abduct Israelis visiting Istanbul.

    Israeli officials warned that Iran order terror squads in Turkey, made up of Iranians as well as Turkish recruits, to kill Israelis at all costs.

    Over the weekend, security forces actively attempted to protect Israelis. According one official, the Iranians consider every citizens holding an Israeli passport as a target, including Arab citizens of Israel.

    Israel on Thursday issued new recommendation to Israelis who were still in Istanbul, telling them to remain behind locked doors in their hotels and refuse to open, even for room service, hotel maintenance or deliveries.

    The National Security Council said there are about 2,000 Israeli citizens currently in Istanbul despite the travel warnings. Political leaders and security agencies have urged Israelis to leave the city and return home as soon as possible. While some chose to remain, they were abiding by the guidelines and taking the threats seriously.

    “We’re seeing a very dramatic change. Israelis are staying their rooms, not hopping from club to club and not sitting at bars and clubs until 2 AM. Even though we would want them all to leave the country, this is still a serious change,” an official said.

    The heightened Iranian threats are likely in response to several high-profile deaths attributed to Israel that have struck the Islamic Republic in recent weeks.


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