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Here’s a great article by Matt Taibbi on the court case in California in which female inmates sue after being housed with male sex offenders. As usual, no #MeTooter has any objection to this horror. Female prisoners aren’t rich and fancy, so their rape and molestation is OK. Feminists who speak out against this horror (like Kara Dansky) are denounced as fascists by everybody, including family members. People who stand up for the inmates are deplatformed and have their capacity to make a living taken away.

Many people don’t know that this is happening because there’s a terrible media blackout about the issue. Taibbi says that there are indications that the tide is turning. But it will only ever truly happen if enough people know and care. We should all do our part and speak to the normies we know about this.

4 thoughts on “Link of the Day

  1. This issue demonstrates how serious the class divide still is and how relevant the social issues underlying the transgender debate still are. Progressive types (especially women, unfortunately) are all in favour of the trans crowds, since they feel they won’t have to deal with the consequences of having male-bodied individuals sharing prison facilities with vulnerable women who literally have nowhere else to go.
    Likewise, young female athletes having to compete with male-bodied individuals presenting as self-declared women may not have any realistic alternative since their living or their academic careers hinge on participating in college-level sports or else they would have to renounce opportunities towards which they may have been working over a lifetime.
    But who gives a fig? Women being groomed for elite careers are only concerned with throwing slurs around against anyone disagreeing with the new transgender creed as they have no ass in the game and lots of brownie points to gain for their gratuitous virtue signalling.


  2. I hope the inmates win in court.

    I don’t think the ruling on men in women’s sports recently is really a win. They ruled that men who’ve gone through male puberty can’t compete in women’s sports. It comes like two days before this:

    Can’t compete in women’s sports? Let’s solve that problem by starting chemical castration younger!

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    1. Exactly. The only solution is to ban puberty blockers and class any attempt to administer them as a felony. And there should be no trans surgery before age 30.


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