Movie Notes: 2,000 Mules

The movie is a great disappointment, my friends, because not only doesn’t it prove that the 2020 election was falsified, it never even attempts to do that.

2,000 Mules demonstrates that ballot-harvesting was probably used in several battleground states where it’s illegal. I’m against ballot-harvesting. I don’t remember who was president in 2020 and what exactly he did to protect the electoral process from this illegal practice. Whatever it was he did, it apparently didn’t work, and ballot-harvesting continued to exist. As the movie helpfully explains, there’s a perfectly innocent reason for the practice. Many people find it hard to drive to the polling place and need help casting their ballot. I personally think that’s baloney but all of this is purely academic and has no bearing on the subject of whether election results should be trusted.

The problem with the movie’s narrative is that even if ballots were delivered to the ballot boxes in an illegal way, it doesn’t mean the ballots were fraudulent. We have absolutely no idea who the people casting them voted for. Maybe they all voted for Trump. Maybe they voted 50/50. Maybe they were all Biden votes but so what?

One remark in the movie struck me as indicative of the problem. “While Republicans concentrated on the campaign,” one interviewee says, “Democrats concentrated on how to get every single Dem vote to the ballot box.” Excuse me, I thought, which campaign did Republicans concentrate on? Does anybody remember any campaign? Because I don’t. Trump held rallies that preached to a small group of the already converted and sent out outlandishly off-putting mailers. Where the campaign funds went is still a mystery.

Instead of this inane, childish pouting, we should look at the mistakes that were made. No legal challenges were mounted to the blanket mailing of ballots to voters who never requested them. No effort was made to safeguard the voting process that was being dismantled under the guise of COVID. None of the crucial promises of the 2016 campaign had been kept. Nothing was done to stop the BLM riots. Nothing was done to stop COVID lunacy. And the COVID mitigation measures that caused today’s inflation were started under Trump. (Then Biden happily continued them but that’s beyond the point).

Don’t get me wrong, Trump is still enormously better that Biden for obvious reasons. But that was a poorly run, haphazard, ridiculous campaign. And this is a poorly made, dishonest movie.

One thought on “Movie Notes: 2,000 Mules

  1. I don’t have the specifics, but I do think I remember some of those things being contested or litigated prior to the election. Maybe someone else remembers better. I seem to recall judges saying things like the petitioners did not have standing and/or the problem hasn’t happened yet so you can’t file a lawsuit.


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