Kindle Prices

Wow, people, did you see how Kindle prices skyrocketed? In just a few months they’ve gone insane. What is happening?

11 thoughts on “Kindle Prices

      1. Didn’t they recently end support for earlier Kindle models? We found one in a thrift store for $10– old enough to still have a whole alphabet keyboard with real buttons, no touch screen. Still works great. I haven’t tried to use it with amazon, because I’m sure it’s too old, but it’s now the kids’ ereader, I hook it up to the computer via USB and download books from project gutenberg onto it, and they think it’s amazing 🙂

        Plus the previous owner had a bunch of playable sudokus and logic puzzles on it, which my 7yo has taken a fancy to.

        If the older ones are that durable, and Kindle just “obsoleted” a bunch of them… perhaps that’s one reason prices are up. They can charge more because a bunch of legacy users were forced replace their devices to keep their already-purchased content.

        But also: inflation, materials shortages, blah blah blah.

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        1. Great idea for the kids. Those early Kindles were very expensive but that was when they first came to the market. More recently, the model was to sell the devices cheaply and make money on selling the content. It looks like the whole business model is changing.


  1. The device seems to cost just about the same as last year at $140 for the kindle paperwhite version. Don’t see a huge increase, unless you mean the books or something else.


  2. DeDRM and Calibre fixes the problem on a PC … for free.

    The US authority for the legality of removing DRM is the Library of Congress, BTW, and they say it’s legal as long as you do this for yourself only.

    Anyone with even a modest investment in e-books should jail break them out of DRM so they’re never locked to a device again.

    Works for DRM’d PDF (such as Google Play) and Nook as well with the right plug-ins for Calibre.

    Use an older Kindle install for KF8 as well, fewer technical problems. AZW4 can be DRM stripped with DeDRM and Calibre, but you need a specific Python language tool to remove the embedded PDF.

    As for Mac and iBooks? There are several tools now for that, but the good ones are neither free nor cheap.

    You do it once and “sideload” the e-books into Lithium or Moon Reader on Android.

    So what’s stopping you? 🙂

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