Complete Transformation

There was this couple I knew, very left-wing, very artsy. And very child-free. They were united, among other things, by a strong conviction not to have children.

The marriage lasted for 10 years, and then it didn’t work out. They got divorced. Within a year they were both married to other people. Within two, both had babies with these other people. Within four, both had two babies each in the new marriages. After that, the ex-husband proceeded to have baby #3 but the ex-wife had to stop for age-related reasons. She was one of those crazy mommies, hand-sewing all the kids’ clothes, making organic snacks from scratch, all that.

The funny thing is that her new husband had also been completely child-free his whole life. He was 50 when they married, and one of those leftists who play in a rock band that they still hope will one day become famous. And then all of a sudden he freaks out all of his friends, becoming a crazy daddy, with a bunch of kids constantly hanging off his neck. I remember a bunch of these rock band friends visiting and sitting there in shock as the proud dad went on and on about his potty-training expertise and how he now believed in home-schooling.

They loved telling this story. “Can you believe we were both child-free until I was 50 and she was 40? Ha ha!” It was totally ha ha because I’ve never seen more kid-crazy people than these two.

I’m remembering this story because it always makes me smile. It’s really great how people can discover things about themselves and change completely at any age.

I hope nobody takes this as a condemnation of childless people. That’s not the point of the story at all.

12 thoughts on “Complete Transformation

  1. I thought part of the point of this story was to reflect on ‘wisdom’ of puberty blockers. If people can change at 40-50, what about making final decisions in one’s teens or earlier?

    Another reader mentioned tubal ligation being permitted only after the age of 30. If this is true, how can it coexist with permanent trans treatments for teens?

    Also, could their marriage partly fall apart since they both subconsciously failed to imagine their relationship changing to accommodate kids? So, when the desire for kids appeared, both started searching for a new partner?

    And, finally, it’s good to be a man and be able to have 3 kids after the age of 50. Female ability to change one’s mind is much more limited by age.

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    1. I didn’t think about this in the context of puberty blockers but it’s an excellent point. The problem is that the official narrative is that they are completely reversible. As a doctor says in Matt Walsh’s movie, “it’s like music. You put it on pause and then it goes on unchanged after you unpause it.” It’s ludicrous and completely unscientific but that’s the narrative.

      The same goes with breast removal. The most famous doctor in the country who performs these surgeries on girls as young as 16 says “what’s the big deal? If you miss them, you can always sew them back on.” Again, it’s nuts but that is the official narrative.

      I’ve read quite a few accounts by people who underwent these treatments when they were very young, and what’s been done to them is criminal. They are lifelong invalids. Nobody warned them what it was going to be like. Nobody offered psychological treatment. It’s absolutely terrible.

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  2. I think of trans a bit like some people think of gays. For instance, I am for gay marriage, full equality, a few lessons regarding tolerance in schools.

    However, I do view some vulnerable teens as being open to influence of trans propaganda and view negatively drawing too much attention to a tiny group of people with huge problems, to be honest.

    Anyway, all this talk of bad influences is moot in Internet age with everybody being able to search any damaging content one could wish for, be it anorexia, trans, drugs, etc.


    1. There are two groups of trans. One is vulnerable, confused kids. The other is adult men, usually very masculine, very high IQ, and very aggressive. They tend to be rich and successful. They have a fetish and they sink tons of money into normalizing this fetish. And the vulnerable kids end up paying the price.

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        1. Yes! This! That’s exactly it. I don’t know why nobody notices that these are men who are very successful in very masculine pursuits. These are not effeminate men. It’s like they are so manly that the only woman they can want is themselves.

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  3. A good short post re Israel’s fifth approaching elections in the last 4 years. 😦

    В Израиле вроде бы объявляют пятые выборы за четыре года. Когда год назад нашего премьера-рекордсмена Биби Нетаниягу отправили в оппозицию, то один мой коллега сказал очень разумную вещь. Мол, происходящее должно стать хорошим уроком для фанатов Нетаниягу.

    I am sick sick sick of ALL parties right now. Won’t vote for Bibi this time, so am still unsure who to vote for.

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  5. That is an interesting story and it’s wonderful they each found happiness.

    I offer another theory to add to the mix. There may have been genetic reasons they were incompatible for sexual reproduction with each other that only their bodies were aware of on some kind of instinctual level.

    The shred of evidence for my idea is that there are aspects of sexual attraction that are I nfluenced by being on hormones – birth control pills. Women are attracted to men who are more similar genetically when they have been taking these pills that mimic pregnancy. I have no idea there’s any research into my theory.

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    1. I would probably never have ended up with my (wonderful) husband, if I had been on hormonal birth control when we met. He smells fantastic, and I can pretty much track where I am in my hormonal cycle by rating how good he smells (I’ve been using symptothermal charting for many years now, so I’ve verified this lines up precisely with my fertile window). I’ve heard similar things from other ladies who chart and don’t use HBC, but never from ladies who are on HBC. They have no idea what they’re missing out on.

      I think HBC screws with a whole lot of relationships, and in both directions– women who are on it all the time are attracted to men who aren’t the best to have kids with, and many women who start taking it after they meet a wildly attractive man see their libido plummet… there needs to be more honesty and less marketing hype with that stuff. Most women given HBC have nothing even approaching informed consent about it, and have never had a chance to think through the long-term effects on their lives. Like the possibility of marrying a guy they won’t find physically attractive once they’re ready to have kids.

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  6. The only reason my totally adorable and dearly-loved grandson exists is that when my daughter got married at age twenty, she was unable to find a doctor who would do a tubal ligation on her. She was determined to avoid pregnancy by any means possible, but when a healthy woman gets married at the age of twenty, the odds are against her. Five years into their marriage, they had a little surprise, which turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to them.

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