What Will Save Us

One thing that helps us prevail over the creeping insanity is the human factor. When my parents were trying to return to Canada without the ArriveCan app, a border guard saw that my father was very unwell and made a personal decision to let them through. When I went to Canada to bury my Dad, the government officials started hassling me over not being fully vaccinated. I told one of them what happened, and I heard in her voice that she was shaken. There was a moment of a human contact between us, and she said, “that’s OK, forget about these requirements. We won’t bother you anymore.” My brother-in-law forgot to bring one of the documents out of a pile he needed for passport renewal but the official who talked to him saw he was distraught and still have him an appointment.

This is what will save us. Human kindness and human feelings.

2 thoughts on “What Will Save Us

  1. I would like to share your unshakeable optimism in human nature, and yet I mortally fear the evil that is present in the human heart.

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