Roe v Wade

Has been overturned. It’s completely symbolic but Roe was always legally unsustainable. It’s good that it should go. Of course, now we’ll see many states hyper compensating and legalizing abortion until the child’s retirement age.

I’m pro abortion rights but very much against finding rights in the constitution that can’t remotely be in there.

5 thoughts on “Roe v Wade

  1. I’ve long believed that Roe is bad regardless of whether one is pro-life or pro-choice. Leaving this issue up to ELECTED representatives is much better.

    In a world where our elected officials are actually interested in representing their constituents rather than special interest groups, we’d have at least a few states that impose modest regulations on abortion but don’t ban it entirely (Mississippi’s 15 week abortion ban that was at the center of this case actually being a good example.) As it is, the only state where I can really see that happening is Virginia, and that’ll be gone as soon as they elect a Democratic governor. I’m not a “centrist” on this issue so that’s not even what I want in my state, but it does seem kinda screwy that it won’t even happen in moderate swing states. For that matter, does the average Dem voter support third trimester abortion on demand?

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    1. That’s precisely why there’s such hysteria over Roe. Everybody knows there’s no majority support among voters for late-term abortion. Anything beyond 15 weeks gets little support. And that’s where SCOTUS comes in useful. Can’t convince the people? Ram it through the institution that isn’t supposed to be doing that. What damage it does to the whole system, nobody cares.

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  2. I am so angry that this happened. We all know what happens next — this will mobilize the left wing in November. All will be forgotten and these f****ers will still get a victory. Inflation, economy, stock market crashes, not to mention schools – everything is going to the pot under the Dems but hey we’ll get to have abortions in all states! Let’s go vote!


    1. It’ll mobilize the left wing but I’m skeptical that this will give Dems broad victories. It will help Dems in certain areas and certain states, but in other areas and states people care more about these other issues you mention (and it’s also worth noting that this will mobilize pro-life voters as well.)


      1. I just filled up my tank and I’m very mobilized to vote for whoever has a clear plan to make this stop. It’s insane what I just paid. I think this concern will carry the day in November. I’m angry every time I buy groceries. And I’m not alone in this.


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