Beast or Idiot?

Today I finished the 4th of the research articles I had idiotically and insanely proposed myself to write within a single year. I’m really proud and kind of shocked. And it sucks because I don’t have anybody who I’d tell this and they’d know how crazy and unusual it is for somebody in my field. It’s 30,000 words, ready for publication. Three of the articles already on production. Three out of four on Spanish, which makes everything slower and harder.

I’m a freaking beast is what I am.

I have one more article to finish before the year runs out in August.

I think I’m probably an idiot instead of a beast.

5 thoughts on “Beast or Idiot?

  1. Holy cow! You are a monster (in a good way). You put us all to shame. Well, me, certainly. Perhaps I should quit reading your blog and go back to writing.

    But what journal will accept a 30,000 word piece? I think the longest one can get away with in my field is about 15,000 words, and very few journals would be happy with that length. Also, I’m amazed by–and jealous of–how speedy peer-review is in your field. I submitted an article in late January and am still waiting to hear back, which is sort of normal.

    Okay, off to write something…

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    1. No, I mean it’s 30,000 words altogether. All 4 articles.

      They are in production so fast (and I undertook so many of them) because these were all invited pieces. Two are for monographic volumes of journals, one for an edited volume, and one for a regular journal issue but they promised that if I submitted to them they’d publish within 3 months.

      I can’t resist when I get invited. I should but it’s too flattering when it happens.


  2. No one can resist an invitation to publish! You can never say ‘no’ to a publication.

    But still, even for invited pieces, this is turbo speed. My field (early modern studies) is bloody glacial.


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