The Illinois Department of Public Health has now started to harass me via text message to get vaccinated for COVID because their “records show” I’m unvaccinated.

My husband is actually unvaccinated but he claims not to have received any such text messages.

We are in a severe budget crisis, yet this is what public money is being spent on.

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    1. “Their record keeping leaves something to be desired.”

      This is what living in Central-Eastern Europe does to your brain: My thought is this is part of the ongoing effort to get needles into arms. They’re not bothering with those who aren’t vaccinated at present. They’re going down the list of those on record and sending them hectoring messages hoping that they’ll be intimidated or fearful enough to get more shot.
      The first round is a compliance test and those who comply will keep getting the hard sell for more and more shots.

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      1. I have also stopped thinking any of this is accidental. The Health Department never reached out about any other illness, including the highly contagious and severe flu epidemic we had in the area in 2018.


      2. Yes, that was my thought as well. I believe that a booster is recommended 2 months after the “one and done” JJ vaccine. Clarissa may be (nearly?) out of compliance by now.


        1. This seems to depend on who you’re talking to. My husband got the JJ, and the hospital he works for is happy to check the checkbox for “fully vaxd” on that, even though he’s had no boosters.


      3. Could be the state I live in, but I haven’t had any of the shots, nor have I had a single harassing phone call to remind me about them. I think that until you go get the first one, they don’t have your phone number.


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