July Something

There is a multitude of fireworks tonight. Either people feel extra patriotic or somebody has moved the celebration a day early. It’s bad enough when people do this for Thanksgiving but it would be particularly obnoxious on Independence Day. The date really matters, and we were planning a traditional barbecue tomorrow preceding a walk around the neighborhood to watch the fireworks.


5 thoughts on “July Something

  1. We set ours off this evening because all the neighbors were doing theirs. I’d like it to be on the right date, but I know it’s scaring the crap out of everybody’s pets, so better to go with the flow and get them all done with at once, and not drag it out over more than one day, if possible.

    Plus, our whole household is down with the coof right now, so it’s all the celebrating we’re going to get! I can’t express how disturbing it is that our whole neighborhood is full of smoke, and I can’t smell even the tiniest whiff of it. It makes me want to go down to the grocery store and stroll down the detergent aisle, just to see what it’s like.

    The problem is, if you don’t work for a school, bank, or government office, it’s not a holiday and you have to go to work tomorrow like always… so people want to do fireworks on the closest weekend.

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    1. I’m sorry you have symptoms! But hey, my sense of smell came back full-force. It took until now for it to be back 100%.

      It’s definitely weird to have no sense of smell.


  2. It’s usually cheaper to hire a fireworks technician on a day that isn’t the 4th, so a lot of smaller municipalities hold their celebrations a day or two early, so as to get more bang for the buck. I expect St Louis and Chicago will do theirs on the day itself.


    1. Our neighborhood has such a gigantic and complicated show put on every year by individual residents that we never went to see the official city fireworks. The neighbors do such a great job by themselves. And it’s like a block party with everybody celebrating and drinking outside.


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