Soldiers for Sale

As much as I’d like to attribute the exceptional precision of Ukraine’s airstrikes to the excellent performance of Ukrainian intelligence services, the truth is that senior Russian officers often sell the intel about the location of their troops. For cash. To the enemy. This is a link in English but there have been many of these stories. The really interesting part is that the Russian troops and their family members are so overwhelmingly convinced this is true yet they do nothing. The only soldiers who have turned on their corrupt commanders are… not ethnically Russian, let’s put it that way.

One thought on “Soldiers for Sale

  1. “officers often sell the intel about the location of their troops”

    Can’t find it now but I heard an intercepted phone call about Russian officers calling the families of soldiers under them and offering to transfer them to safe areas if the family pays them… and…. you know what happens then…

    Theft seems to be ingrained at every level of Russian society… awful to say but….

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