Cultural Test

The Hispanic people who are genuinely upset / bothered / annoyed / insulted by the “breakfast tacos” comment are not really Hispanic people. They are pouty Anglos posing as “people of color” for clout.

The idea that people should collapse and die of outrage the second anybody brings up food that is associated with their culture (whether correctly or not) is an Anglo fad. Nobody else cares. I’ve had people bring up borscht whenever I show up more times than there are hairs on my uncommonly hairy head. And I find it sweet and endearing.

2 thoughts on “Cultural Test

  1. “the “breakfast tacos””

    yeah, it’s more hilarious and tone deaf than anything else… especially since I’m pretty sure ‘breakfast tacos’ are not anything in mexico…

    I wonder how this would work with other countries…

    The Ukrainian people have been as steadfast as their pierogies!

    Italians are as creative and imaginitive as pineapple pizza!


  2. And British people are as resolute as a case of dental caries you can’t get rid of until you have your entire mouth full of teeth replaced with dental implants.

    Kindly don’t give Mexico any crap, I need Mexico for my future dental care. 🙂


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