What’s a Ban?

Hey, get this: all three of my books have been banned in California! How do I know? Well, they aren’t on the 3rd-grade curriculum. According to the definition of a book ban that Newsom is using, not putting a book on the curriculum means banning it.

I’m so bored by these completely invented, meaningless scandals. Books have been banned! Democracy is in danger!

In the USSR we had real book bans, and it’s extremely annoying when people pretend to know what they are like when they know nothing but an easy, enjoyable, completely uncensored existence.


4 thoughts on “What’s a Ban?

  1. This is a pet peeve of mine. If you think a book is not appropriate for children in second grade — even though you might think it’s perfectly acceptable for high schoolers — you get accused of wanting to ban books. If you object to five-year-olds being exposed to books promoting transgenderism or depicting sex acts between adults and children, you want to ban books. Leftists are forever invoking the specter of Fahrenheit 451 anytime sane adults suggest that children should be given age-appropriate reading materials, and not be exposed to what is sometimes (often euphemistically) referred to as “adult” literature.

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    1. And yet, we have a very large reading subculture in America, of adults who read “young-adult” novels, because they like the predictability and safety of knowing they will not encounter a lurid sex scene or gritty depiction of drug use or other “adult” topic. How weird is it that there are people who want to push kids into encounters with those things in literature?

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  2. The infamous book “Hitman” by Rex Feral wants to check in to say hello to the book ban people. 🙂

    Any of you remember a publisher of arcane works named Paladin Press?

    That’s the book that made Paladin Press deader than Dickens.

    And I own an extremely rare copy precisely because it’s America’s Most Banned Book, despite the publisher trying to round up all of the copies so they could be destroyed as part of the “settlement”.

    So there are truly banned books in America, but they’re not the ones these people complain about.

    “How weird is it” … that there aren’t more vehicles in and around Orlando with “OK GROOMER” bumper stickers? 🙂

    Polk County’s sheriff is a laugh and a half, BTW, he’s named Grady Judd and he has such wonderful tidbits to share with the public, such as “there’s always a Disney employee” in one of his underage busts.

    Also BTW, should you decide to visit the I-4 corridor during a future trip, get a SunPass Pro, you would not believe how many roads are electronically tolled around Tampa and Orlando.


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