Respite from the Heat

I’m the only person in the group who doesn’t complain about Florida heat. After our weather back home, whatever they have here in Florida doesn’t feel like heat. It feels like a blissful respite from the heat.

Also, for the first time, fruit and vegetables are cheaper here in the resort grocery store than in Illinois. Not because they have gone any cheaper here but because everything in Illinois has skyrocketed.


2 thoughts on “Respite from the Heat

  1. “doesn’t feel like heat”

    Hot and cold are so subjective. Fior me, lack of ventilation or distance from water is horrible (though very, very dry heat like the Kansas plains in August) doesn’t bother me much
    I remember years ago going to Bulgaria during a massive heatwave with tempertatures over 40… and I was fine. It was on the coast and there was almost always a bit of shade and some breezes as long as I stayed out of direct sunlight for long it was very bearable..
    On the other hand if it gets to 30 or so here I feel like I’m being hit with baseball bats… the wind absolutely dies and the heat just kind weighs me down.
    The hottest subjective heat I remember was near Malaga, Spain. “only” 36 but it just seemed to be attacking from all directions, rising up from the ground as much as bearing down from the sky…. though, again, on the coast it didn’t slow me down I was just doing things while feeling really, really hot…


  2. You should hit Winn-Dixie for a “what we can’t find back home” run before you head back.

    And also Publix, of course, especially for the spice section.

    You can find Badia of Miami pretty much anywhere in Florida, but I don’t recall seeing their blends much when I was in Chicago.

    But what you really need at Winn-Dixie is some of that Bananas Foster ice cream they sell. 🙂


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