Book Leftovers

Few things are more fascinating than book collections comprised of the reading matter left behind by tourists who come to the same resort. My mother’s condo, for instance, has a robust collection of Dutch semi-pornographic bodice-rippers, a bunch of Evangelical theology books, some unavoidable Harlan Coben, a couple of biographies of US military generals, and the novel Ohio that I dragged away solely because of its title and its 500 pages of length.

In our condo, the previous guests left a bunch of home COVID tests, a pretty stunning quantity of unopened beer, wine, and hard lemonade in the fridge, and a gigantic brand-new jar of peanut butter. There is a vast leftover book collection but not a single book in it appealed to me which is pretty unusual. I’m very happy with my pilfered Ohio, though.

3 thoughts on “Book Leftovers

  1. “more fascinating than book collections comprised of the reading matter left behind by tourists”

    Oh yes! I love rummaging through left behind books! I was a bit disappointed after my recent Bulgarian trip as an absolute majority of the books were in Swedish… (if you went by the book exchange areas in tourist places you’d think Swedish and Dutch were the two biggest languages in Europe…. and you’d barely know French, Spanish or Italian even existed…). The weird thing was I didn’t hear any Scandinavian guests at all while I was there…

    I ended up taking a couple of old Polish (communist era books) and the only thing in English I ended up taking was a British crossword publication (with only two puzzles partly filled out… badly). That got me through the almost three hour wait between check out and the ride to the airport…


  2. It’s funny to me that you seek out long books while I dread them. Maybe I’m scared of commitment…


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