Easy Psy-ops

It’s unbelievably easy to psy-op people because they don’t resist. To the contrary, they do everything to make the brainwashers’ task easier. You’d think that nothing could be clearer than the need to be suspicious of turns of phrase that magically appear out of nowhere and are suddenly everywhere. But no, people gleefully adopt the brainwashy slogans and repeat them on a loop, doing the propagandists’ work for free.

To give an example, the Russian who invented the deeply meaningless and moronic expression “the West will fight to the last Ukrainian” is getting paid every time an eager American uses it. And gets reaffirmed in his belief that Americans are stupid.

Will anything ever teach people to be less gullible?


5 thoughts on “Easy Psy-ops

  1. 2021: “Transitory”
    2022: “Suddenly”

    See, you’re already suddenly doing it. 🙂


  2. Oh, and Florida will fight to the last Florida Man.

    Georgia and Alabama should be very, very afraid. 🙂


      1. Fun fact: Georgia and Alabama stole parts of Florida.

        Waycross should be part of North Florida.

        Georgia can keep Albany though. 🙂


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