Snowflake Competition

While other nations win wars and stun the world with bravery and resilience, Americans are snowflaking the day away:

The Burns brought the suit after seeing a viral video of another incident of alleged discrimination that happened to a family from New York. That video showed a performer dressed as the character Rosita seemingly ignoring two young Black girls while then reaching toward another girl – who the family’s lawyer said was white – and giving her a hug.

The lawyer for that family, B’Ivory LaMarr, called the incident a “racist act.” The girls’ mother and aunt has demanded the performer be fired, but she has said that she would rather avoid a lawsuit. LaMarr said Sesame Place should be made to cover any expenses related to the mental health of the girls, who he said are now dealing with “severe emotional distress. . . Burns, the plaintiff from Maryland, said he was “hurt” and “devastated” by the alleged treatment of his daughter.


2 thoughts on “Snowflake Competition

  1. Related, just saw an article on Peter Thiel where Thiel is saying a lot of the same things you’ve been saying:

    “In this context, what Thiel dismissively refers to as “the woke religion” is less a driving force in contemporary politics than part of this vast collective displacement activity. Notably, it’s often a delivery mechanism for resource competition, for example in universities where student numbers are ever-rising even as paid positions shrink, a pinch that “brings out the worst in people”. So much of what looks like an unhinged new ideology is actually the brutal office politics pursued by too many academics competing for too few paid positions? “Yes,” he says, “and maybe there’s some way to get people to be nicer to one another in a world of limited resources. But we never seem to be even able to talk about that.””

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  2. This doesn’t sound like snowflaking to me. Rather, it’s another sign of the religion of anti-racism, which is now uncontested dogma throughout American society at all levels. You see the same thing in Rod Dreher’s column: being accused of racism is felt to be the greatest sin in the US and even the most resistant to the Left’s wokism seem to be extremely sensitive to this particular accusation. It is happening over here in Europe, even in countries with a minimal presence of people of colour, which means that the powers that be have succeeded in persuading most people that our continent is one big country – which it is NOT – instead of a multifarious collection of several nations each with its own internal multifarious variety in its turn.
    Americans have always had this idea that if all were well all the countries of the world would and should be the same as America: now they are succeeding, and the reason is digital technology.


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