Natural Progression

Exactly. Remember Abu Ghraib? There was enormous, widespread outrage in the US over the torture of Iraqi prisoners. But in Russia people sincerely don’t understand why it’s not cute and funny to watch videos of Russian soldiers castrating Ukrainian POWs.

Remember a few years ago when Russians fed a polar bear who had just had cubs some explosives, filmed the animal’s gruesome death and gleefully posted it online? Yes, a human being is not an animal but this gives you a good indication as to where a culture is heading. What we see today is a natural result of the direction of Russian progress.

Ukrainians have been sending the bodies of the dead Russian soldiers back home. There was a hope that once parents saw their dead boys, they’d oppose the war. But the opposite happened. The grieving parents are swapping the bodies for cash rewards and old cars that the government gives them and eagerly sending more of their sons to war in hope of another payout if another son is killed. They post joyful videos of driving these old clunkers they get as a reward. It’s really weird to watch but it’s not surprising because I’ve seen how N’s mother treats him, and she’d totally not mind getting this kind of reward.

I’ve been saying for years that not all cultures are the same. People aren’t widgets. There are cultures with a completely different understanding of life and family. We make a huge mistake when we assume that everybody feels as we do.

Of course, when I say these things, somebody immediately points out that murderers, serial killers, and bad parents exist everywhere. They do but that’s not what I’m talking about here. There either is a widespread societal approval of these behaviors or there isn’t. And once there is, things get really scary.

8 thoughts on “Natural Progression

  1. Like I said earlier, Russians are a disgusting, depraved backwards people. Even the dumbest, trashiest Americans would be appalled if their children were killed in a war and only got a small stipend and a cheap car as compensation; in fact, they would reject it. Russians act like they want to be slaves, we should make them slaves then. What worthless people

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  2. What first comes to mind reading the quote is that if and when an American soldier castrates a child, as long as he called it a trans-identified child, anyone objecting would be vilified or jailed.

    I suspect this is why any attempts to horrify the moral atrocities of the Russian theater (assuming all reports are accurate) fail to stick. They ought to, but they do not: The people the Russians are (or claim to be) fighting are so much worse.

    Russia, Ukraine, the Eastern countries, and the new countries in the Donbass region have the same problem (albeit larger, more bloody, and more obviously violent) that the U.S. States and our breakaway counties have.

    May God have mercy on us all.


    1. It’s extremely said that stupid -ass American snowflakery has so colonized your mind that this all you can think about whenever any topic is discussed. I hope that with time, you manage to gain some degree of freedom from the ideology of the American leftism and start to notice the world around you.

      As for the “new countries in the Donbass,” I’m happy to report that my relatives who live there report no new countries whatsoever.

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      1. Truly, American patriotism is dead when people so subserviently repeat the libels waged against them by those who despise them. “Yes, yes, we are horrid! Please, dear Russian overlords, notice how obedient and compliant we are!”

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      2. Well you know, some the children the Left is trying to mutilate are people I know, so it’s not an abstract problem to me. So it tends to come to mind more often.

        You wanted to know why more people do not seem to take the Russian army atrocities as seriously as they ought. And I gave you a possible answer. It’s not all “nuns in ovens” ala WW1.

        You’re quite right about the little eastern Republics. Ukraine will never let them go any more than Russia will leave Ukraine alone. Just as NE California or Southern Oregon will never get free. It’s frustrating and unfair.


        1. It’s incomprehensible that people would want to discuss issues they know nothing about. For 8 years, a huge bone of contention between Russia and Ukraine was that Russia wanted Ukraine to take “the little Eastern republics” back and Ukraine refused. You don’t even know something this basic, yet instead of trying to learn you make strange statements.

          As for the mutilated children, have you suggested to their parents that they (the parents) should receive immediate psychological help to stop causing these issues in their kids? Maybe that would be a more productive approach.


          1. That’s fair. And yes and no. You do not seem to know much about what is going on with children targeted for Trans identity. Parents can go to jail, lose custody. Doctors and teachers fired for trying what you suggest.


  3. Ah, er … am I missing how these people wound up with world-class narcissistic injuries?

    It doesn’t take a majority or anything close to one for these people to occupy an outsized portion of the collective consciousness.

    I’m of the view that you can judge not by worthy aspirations, but instead by craven habits.


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