Wrong Kind of Stoicism

This is the kind of stoicism that’s plain stupid:

Hard should not be the point. Easy, joyful and enjoyable is. Also, it’s sad that a strong, young man – not an invalid recovering from a terrible illness – should congratulate himself for something so primitive. What’s next, being proud of flossing?

4 thoughts on “Wrong Kind of Stoicism

  1. Maybe not being proud of flossing, per se, but rather being proud of finally eradicating the gingivitis you’ve had since childhood.

    But that’s obviously specific to a certain subset of people.

    Also I thought the whole point of cold exposure was to make it a habit. The way to do that is definitely to make it more easy and enjoyable. Otherwise why would you even be motivated to do it?


  2. Stoicism gets a bad rap about being all about withstanding pain. That is just a small part of it; to me it is mostly about being able to keep control over emotions and living a virtuous life.


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