Those Who Can

Lithuania completed a 350-mile border fence along its border with Belarus:

And how much did President Trump manage to build? Seven miles? Or was it as much as 15?

Funny how the tiny, poor Lithuania can and the huge, rich US just can’t.

9 thoughts on “Those Who Can

  1. Well, the issue of the Wall is an incendiary one, like everything else to do with Trump. You google “Trump wall” and you get pages of elite criticism. It’s ineffective, it’s ecologically devastating, he’s failed to build it, Mexico isn’t going to pay for it, it’s collapsing, the cartels and human smugglers are cutting through it.. You get propaganda ad nauseam.

    The border is 1,954 miles long. Apparently, before Trump took office, there were already 649 miles of barriers in place. An additional 52 miles of new primary barriers were built while he was in office. Apparently 455 miles of the already existing barriers were significantly improved. We went from 33% to 36% of the border with barriers in four years.

    We can blame Trump for not making Mexico pay for a “big beautiful” wall. He deserves it. I think the blame isn’t merely his, but more that of our entire oligarchic cosmopolitan elite who clearly intend to ignore the repeated electoral mandate of well over half of voters, just as they have for over fifty years.

    They’ll continue swamping our labor market with cheap immigrant labor, swamping us with diversity with the intention of finally destroying our capacity to effectively take control of our politics in opposition to their agenda.. I suspect they deliberately intend to incite more dissension because they want a genocidal war culminating in oligarchic fascism. I mean, the inevitable consequences of their policies and actions seem self evident at this point..

    All of which is merely to say that Trump is probably just a clown, playing his part in their ongoing destabilizing psyops, inciting division with his histrionics, just a wresting heel playing a bit role in their long term plan.


    1. If he’s just a clown, why the heck can’t they just let him retire and play golf?

      All the raiding and stuff… they’re begging him to run again, I assume because they’ve got absolutely nothing else to deflect attention from their own failures these last couple years.

      So… rodeo clown?

      Have you seen the scurrying going on at the CDC lately?


      1. I’m merely letting my cynicism reach maximum saturation. I’m in Florida, and I love Ron DeSantis more than I ever have any other polician. But when I step back, I realize that it’s merely for being normal and relatively decent. He’s really the baseline of acceptibility, and should not be extraordinary, but he is. I mean, opposing the mutilation and sterilization of children, and adhering to the Nuremberg Code ought to be the universal standard.

        I then hear that DeSantis has recieved over 100 million dollars from corporate interests, that he’s listening to the “free speech” of the likes of Charles Koch (cf. Citizens United, Scalia decreed super pacs’ “freedom of speech” must be unlimited, while normal citizens can have their “speech” limited to $ 2,900 a candidtae.. Which, obviously makes perfect sense.. Money does talk, and corporate persons, billionaires, obviously have much more to say than any silly peon possibly could.. )

        I mean look, I am tickled that Trump has politically eviscerated the Bushes, Clintons and Cheneys. It has been deliciously amusing. I hope he takes down Biden, Obama, McConnell, the whole nasty moronic cabal asscoiated with the DNC and RNC. They are all criminals. I want the entire venal corrupt lying treasonous murderous lot of them hung by the neck until dead for their war crimes and genocidal acts against the Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian, Afghani, American (etc. etc. etc.) peoples. This vaccine and COVID debacle is merely the very last straw, as far as I am concerned.

        It’s time for a reconvened Nuremberg Tribunal. The problem with Trump is that he is going to be one of the defendants. Operation Warp Speed was a criminal attack on humanity, and it’s his baby. That’s why I am done with him. If we have to go through the charade of voting for him again, just to register our contempt for our stupid illuminati overlords again, I think we’re done. I mean, let’s face it, we are done. We’re so addled, hypnotized and morally decadent we couldn’t recognize real virtue to save our lives, let alone our civilization.

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        1. It does boggle the mind, how fast the narrative shifts one way, shifts the other, and the public doesn’t even seem to notice. Look! Trump Warp Speed! But hey, Blue Team wants to steal that victory so bad they deliberately delay release until after they get their man in office, so they can take credit.

          Then, it’s the miracle vaccine, and it’s so great, everybody must get it or be fired and driven out of public life! It’s so great you can’t criticize it! It’s so great we have to inflict it on the whole dang world!

          Now that the numbers are looking hairy, we’re suddenly gonna switch back to remembering this was Trump’s project all along, and I suppose it’ll be erased from memory that Blue Team ever supported mandating it on everyone.

          I wonder whose fault the trans-kids thing will be, now that they’re losing schoolboards over it?

          DeSantis: yeah, pretty much. You can put normal people in office, but as soon as they get any kind of popular support they either get torpedoed, or they attract big-money vested interests. I have a similar sick feeling about Gabbard: I kind of like her in theory, because she looks kind of normal next to the rest of those bastards. But she’s a WEFfie alum. I don’t think she can be trusted.

          “The old guy was a corrupt DC crony, so we kicked him out and elected our guy… and now our guy is a corrupt DC crony” is a very old complaint.


  2. The world is ruled by principalities and powers. The closer to the top of the pyramid, the more corrupt things become. The one thing that protects we little people is our desire for virtue, our devotion to mercy and justice.

    Our faith in virtue forces the sociopaths to be hypocrites in order to rule us. If – as – we are corrupted, as we surrender our virtue and hunger for righteousness, the hypocrisy lessens, and the sociopaths are able to display their depravity more openly. We see this pattern re-iterating itself repeatedly throughout history.

    We get the pastors and governments we deserve, because the hypocrites must reflect back the “values” of those they rule, because they fear us far more than they fear God.. They of course, seek incessantly to corrupt us for just this reason, just as they blackmail one another.. They control through corruption, the compromised are prisoners, only saints are utterly free of coercive fear..

    The Good News (you know, the Gospel) is that all of this is merely divine comedy. We’re just witnessing (cf. martyr, derived from the Greek “witness”) it all play out as bit actors in this great performance. Our part is to pick the heroic side, not the anti heroic, and not fear their obscenity, because we’ve been apprised its denouement.. It’s “off scene” because it is despicable, and in the apocalypse it will be revealed and condemned..

    Comedy, as every true and good joke or story testifies, ends in sublime catharsis. The bad guys will get their comeuppance both before and in the end. Pity the likes Hunter and Joe, in other words, they are imprisoned by their sins. The walls are closing in on them. We who sincerely seek innocence simply have to play our little parts well, and not be afraid of their shenanigans.

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    1. True enough– the whole “put not your trust in princes” thing. On the plus side, St. Seraphim is also right: “Acquire the Spirit of Peace and a thousand souls around you will be saved.” — ultimately, it’s not up to the princes. It’s up to us. If virtue can win here, in my own heart, it wins massively all around me!

      That’s the hard part, of course 😉


  3. Electrified? Please tell me it’s not electrified.

    That looks like such a magnificent, glorious, incredible, superlative … antenna.

    Anyone else with a bit of an EE background seeing this? [lots and lots of heart emojis] 🙂


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