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Is it true that he wants to run for president? Of the United States? Because he can stick his stupid flex alerts, or whatever the neoliberal terminology of the moment is, deep into his anal cavity.

I can’t imagine how anybody with an intact brain could want to vote for this idjit. But then, Canada has been voting for an identical one for years.

7 thoughts on “Newsom Alert

  1. Seeing things like this is finally helping me understand how it could be that intelligent people in Communist countries could be seduced by propaganda to ration goods and services even without a war. Telling people, during World War II, that if they drove alone they were driving with Hitler was one thing. It obviously was not the fault of the FDR administration that there was a war and a shortage of gasoline. Putin may be responsible for much of the evil in this world. He is not the one causing blackouts here in California.

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    1. “intelligent people in Communist countries could be seduced by propaganda to ration goods and services”

      Which intelligents people might those be? I can’t imagine intelligent people in CEE after 1955 or so (give or take a couple years depending on the country) being “seduced by propaganda”. They were either true believers (who did not need propaganda) or cynical SOBs making the propaganda to dupe the proles….

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      1. I witnessed a really entertaining conversation among Spanish communists in June about whether it’s morally acceptable for a communist to be economically successful in a capitalist country and enjoy a high standard of living. There was a lot of verbal acrobatics people engaged in.


  2. When you look at the California Independent System Operator (CalISO or CA ISO) numbers, the situation described is factually even worse.

    The available reserves plus generating power are not even sufficient to carry California during the off-peak nighttime, and so what the CalISO numbers show is that they have to buy power outside the system at market rates all the time.

    At night during this heat wave, at best the CalISO numbers are showing reserve capacity of 2 gigawatts (GW) across the state against available reserves plus generating power in the high 30s GW to low 40s GW range.

    At worst, they’ve been in the hole by as much as 20 GW during peaks.

    This is an electric power management system that is failing even when it’s running at lower capacity, but what does it mean?

    That electric power deficit they’re running has to be shored up with power from somewhere, paid for at peak commercial power rates. That power purchased under duress then gets shifted to commercial customers who are more able to pay their way through the high rate swings.

    Where in the Western US electrical grid do you think that excess capacity comes from?

    And are those people going to be happy to plug the capacity holes?

    But what it means for California is what it has meant for the UK: small to medium sized businesses have to close to survive the inevitable higher rate swings.

    The hilarious part of this is that California companies look to Texas as a solution when it’s not.

    ERCOT’s just as bad as CalISO in many ways, and a few years ago some people got an ugly surprise when their electric bills arrived with five digit dollar amounts for the month.

    Individuals and families were given the option to purchase power at commercial rates unbuffered from the potential for wide rate swings, and so while ERCOT’s systems weren’t being stretched to their limits, those people saved a few dollars.

    Then they lost tens of thousands of dollars and hoped they could get out of their purchasing contracts without losing even more.

    The “verbal acrobatics” and not-so-clever intellectual violence merely serves as part of Failure Is An American Value negotiations.

    “Avoid using large appliances”

    Right, stop using online services based out of California.

    Also stop using Google, stop using Blogger, stop using Facebook and Twitter, and stop using anything else powered by CalISO.

    It’s that simple … except when it’s not.


  3. He cannot be serious. If people have any brain cells left he will never be president, but much of the US lacks such common sense.


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