The Counteroffensive

According to various sources within the Russian army, today Russia experienced its biggest military defeat since 1943. The videos of Ukrainians in liberated territories are overwhelming. Russians are threatening to send soldiers who fought in Afghanistan to retake the lost territories. I’m sure these geriatric warriors will be of huge help.

Ukrainian Armed Forces are conducting an absolutely superb military operation. It’s amazing to watch.

I wish my father lived to see this.

6 thoughts on “The Counteroffensive

  1. “Russians are threatening”

    I found this somehow and feel compelled to share…. I don’t think telegram has on page translate but it’s worth copying into google translate for a pure expression of the “Good Tsar” theory.

    shorter version: Putin’s only concern is the greatness of russia, the failures in the field are not his, but are due to villainous people around him. In order to achieve victory it’s necessary to look to the enlightened policy of Ivan the Terrible who killed a lot of people in a purge of the aristocracy (oprichnina).


      1. “Didn’t he also put people on giant hot plates and fry them”

        I can’t think of anything that russia needs more right now than giant hot plates that the boyars can be fried on.
        It’s an old idea whose time…. has come around again.

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        1. True. Where’s today’s Pugachev (no relation to the singer) who was famous for frying up the oligarchy of his times and extracting the fat to use to oil up the carriages for his offensives?

          I once made a report about Pugachev’s frying methods for my Soviet school. The teacher was very upset.

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      1. “did you study Russian?”

        Not really, I gave it a try a few times…. but it never took (a bit like French, just not my thing).
        I do know the alphabet and the rough outlines of the grammar (that is the main ways that Polish and russsian grammar are similar and different). I can sort of make out the general sense of short texts but without subtlety or full understanding.
        This year, during my short vacation in Bulgaria (where russian is very widely understood/spoken in the tourism sector) I could understand second language users speaking directly to me (I answered in Polish which they also understood since there are lots of Polish tourists there too).

        I use google translate on twitter and other platforms when something looks interesting/important enough (I should note that learning to read past what google translate does is a separate skill…)


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