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I have no energy myself for such a heroic feat but here’s a link to an excellent article that patiently explains all the ways in which Tucker Carlson is being a simpleton with no insight on Ukraine. If you ever need to conduct a brain detox on a confused old uncle or a pouty libertarian, please use the linked article as a guide. Most of the people in the pro-Russia cult are too far out of the reach of reason but some can still be salvaged if you talk to them carefully and make no sudden movements.

3 thoughts on “Best Link of the Day

  1. Do we really know if this is what Tucker really believes? These people are talking heads, they will say anything to pander to their viewers and increase TV advertisement for their network.

    The sooner we stop listening to these fools the better.


    1. When you repeat something enough times, you often find yourself believing it. It looks like he inhaled too much of his own noxious fumes. A pity. He could have had a great future.


      1. It’s why you should never, ever say things that are untrue, but which you do not actually want to end up believing. Particularly for reasons of fitting in and social lubrication.

        Action shapes thought. Maybe even more than thought shapes action. It is why we cross ourselves and repeat the same prayers day in, day out. We are harnessing this faculty to shape our souls, and orient ourselves correctly to God.

        What doe lies and propaganda shape us into? Toward what do they orient our souls?

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