Book Notes: Robert Galbraith’s The Ink-Black Heart

There will be no spoilers, don’t worry. But I have to say that I finally understand why JK Rowling has been spending so much time on Twitter. One could hardly post anything without being liked or retweeted by JK Rowling. Now it’s clear, though, that she was simply doing research for her new book.

The Ink-Black Heart is the best novel in the series. I say this about each novel because her mastery grows with each one. The book is 1,200 pages long with five million characters, all of whom have online avatars but JK Rowling manages to make them really easy to remember. My only complaint about the novel is that it’s only 1,200 pages. I could easily go for a couple thousand more. It’s definitely not one of those books where you keep thinking that a few hundred pages could have been edited out. It’s all good, highly enjoyable, extraordinary fun.

All I want to know now is when is the next one coming out?

4 thoughts on “Book Notes: Robert Galbraith’s The Ink-Black Heart

  1. I’m only a third of the way in. It’s picked up after a slow start. Not really my genre, but after all the complaints I figured I should read one of these novels and make my own judgment.

    I doubt I’d rush to read another, but I don’t regret reading this one. And it isn’t at all what the complainers made it out to be.

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    1. The famous NPR takedown of the novel is simply laughable. There’s nothing remotely like they said there. I suspect they didn’t find anybody who actually read it to provide a review.


      1. There was no reason for NPR to run an article on the book. There are lots of fine novels that they don’t pay much attention to.

        If JK Rowling said tomorrow that she likes pistachio ice cream, NPR would run an article on the poor working conditions for migrant workers on pistachio farms in England…and then learn that England doesn’t produce significant numbers of pistachios.


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