Fluid vs Solid

Moreover, the person who came up with the term “fluid capital” is the neo-Marxist Zygmunt Bauman.

The alternative to liquid capitalism is not socialism or any of that kind of garbage. It’s the solid capitalism that is grounded in permanence and reality and easily coexists with the idea that women don’t have penises. It’s the capitalism that we used to have and that enriched the world like nothing before or since.

My conservatism is that of a return to solid capitalism and the nation-state as the form of government that serves its best. This fluid, borderless, highly ideological and completely tribal postmodern state form and the new form of capitalism it serves that we are experiencing is an aberration. It doesn’t work. We tried it, it sucked, we can let it go now.

The middle class – which was the greatest achievement of solid capitalism – doesn’t exist in the fluid stage. All there is in fluid capitalism is the transnational oligarchy, its third-world slaves, and the former middle class that is drugged up, brainwashed, hooked up to machines, and locked up at home for its own good.


One thought on “Fluid vs Solid

  1. The rich elitists who support a “borderless” world only mean for all the little people. For themselves, they VERY much believe in borders, hence all the gated communities and private security they have.


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