Promoting Violence

On Twitter I came across a group of Russians discussing which part of Ukraine Russia needs to hit with a nuclear strike first.

“Why don’t you hit yourselves over the head instead?” I replied. “Maybe that will make you smarter.”

Guess who was banned by Twitter for “promoting violence against a group” in this exchange? Yes, it was me. The Russians in question are still tweeting up a storm on the same subject.

5 thoughts on “Promoting Violence

    1. I lost my previous Twitter account in early February of 2020. No reason was ever given and I couldn’t recover it. This happened to many people at around that time. It’s almost as if social media owners were preparing for something.


      1. I had a dummy twatter account I lost… I don’t even know when I lost it. I only had it for reading stuff, and one day it just didn’t exist anymore. Still have no idea what happened to it. Made another one, still don’t use it for anything but avoiding the stupid popups that are like “to get the full Twatter experience, log in!” or somesuch, that happens if you scroll through enough stuff without signing in.


      2. Make no mistake, Twitter, Facebook and others are merely puppets for the powerful in government and industry. One friend on Facebook has a rule on his page: only family, music, food and beer! No politics.


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