Nobel in Literature

I will never stop being surprised at the Nobel Prize going to writers I never heard about.

I don’t think it’s humanly possible to read more than I do. I browse new and notable books daily because it’s how I have fun. And I never heard this writer’s name.

If you want to go with France, the country does have a great writer with global name recognition. It’s Michel Houellebecq. Awarding the prize to anybody else from France is simply bizarre.

The Peace Nobel I don’t even want to discuss because it’s simply stupid.


5 thoughts on “Nobel in Literature

  1. You would probably like the content of Ernaux’s fiction, but not its form, if you can separate both things. Les années is probably the best novel I read from her.

    Oh, and because I annoy everyone with that author. If you have time, read Kevin Lambert’s Que ma joie demeure, or Querelle de Roberval. It’s literature.


  2. Go through the list of Nobel prize winners for literature: you’ll find a lot of eminently forgettable and indeed forgotten nobodies, the vast majority of them in fact. Ernaux will join their ranks in a very short while. What she writes is not literature and will not outlast our fractious times.


    1. I do not know a single person who actually cares about the Nobel prize for literature. If I personally happen to hear from somewhere about the winner, I take it as a recommendation not to read their work.

      I used to care a lot about the science winners (physics, chemistry, medicine). Not anymore. Having a front seat to the Covid panic among the science masses was also not helpful in this respect.


  3. It’s hard to choose good Nobel prize winners, but overall the Danes do a pretty good job of it. It’s even nice that they announce the peace prize from Oslo, the capital of Sweden…


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