6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I wonder why English teachers in particular. I’m an English teacher and while I have the greatest admiration for people who work with their hands (I even married one myself), in my experience teachers across all subjects tend to share the witless attitude of disparaging manual work over the pretended superiority of intellectual activity.

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      1. “why they became teachers?”

        I dunno… I’m a teacher and I’m crap with doing things by hand (except cooking though the kitchen tends to look like a crack house attacked by gorillas by the time I’m done).

        But I absolutely have great respect people who work with their hands and can do practical things that I’m useless at (which is… most of them).


        1. It’s good you’ve maintained that respect. But I think it’s really easy for people who go that route to simply denigrate the things they can’t do, in a sour-grapes kind of way. Like “I’m not incompetent, I’m just better than that.”

          Thinking of my brother, who went to pick up his kid at kid’s well-off friend’s house. My bro is a repairman. No idea what wealthy friend’s parents do for a living, but they had water pouring out of their garage doors from some kind of pipe rupture, and about half their very nice house was already flooded. My brother was the only person on the scene who knew how to turn off the water to the house.

          You just… how do people even get wealthy, when they don’t know anything? And why are so many people proud of not knowing anything?


      2. Well, you know the saying, “Those who can do, those who can’t teach”. In my experience (teaching college, adult evening classes and now high school), it’s actually true to a very large extent (80% I’d say, roughly). Most of them wouldn’t last a day at any other job.


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