6 thoughts on “Moving Fast

  1. Politics in the UK is an enormous mess right now. A lot of this is because they have totally mismanaged the Brexit process. Note: I am not saying that Brexit was a bad idea, but Brexit did require the government to do a bunch of stuff to keep things running smoothly and they have been slow and incompetent at most every turn.

    It’s entirely possible that we’re going to get to witness the end of the United Kingdom as we all know it. Scotland is making serious moves towards another independence referendum. And the mismanaged Brexit has made the situation in Northern Ireland messier than it was. I’m also wondering how long it will take King Charles to do something astoundingly boneheaded and piss off the whole nation.


    1. “Brexit did require the government to do a bunch of stuff”

      And the British government purposely didn’t do any of it hoping to do an end run and stay in the EU (whole purpose of May’s tenure was to sabotage the process).

      Johnson, for all his faults, got some version of Brexit done even though the EU (and especially Ireland) were being big bags of dicks about it). He’s also been a leader on Ukraine showing up France and Germany for the empty bags of air that they are (Germany is slowly beginning to show a tiny bit of progress while France remains mired in being France).

      I kind of think the last few months have been a feint (BJ knew the party would go to shit without him so he stepped back so the chief idiots might get a clue about how needed he is at the moment).

      I do feel a bit for Truss (not much, but a bit). It must be shattering to have your ideologically sound solutions all set to go and then have everything fall apart the second you try to use your special free market magic.


  2. What is this?

    Соратники оппозиционера Алексея Навального из Международного Фонда борьбы с коррупцией внесли бывшего главного редактора закрытой российскими властями радиостанции “Эхо Москвы” Алексея Венедиктова в составленный ими список “коррупционеров и разжигателей войны”

    Reminds of temporary weak democratic government which let Bolsheviks take power.

    Even if Putin goes tomorrow, Russian liberals seem incapable to stop being at each other throats for 5 seconds despite their country being on the brink of dissolution. 😦

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