No True Bill

Now that my favorite Associate Dean (called Bill) is gone and we haven’t found a new one, the Dean is trying to sub for him. He doesn’t have the same work ethic, so he cuts corners. And that never works.

Here’s an example. Every October we have to do a mandated ethics training. It’s something the state requires of everybody, including graduate assistants, plant workers, everybody. Of course, many people forget. In the last week of October, Bill used to send reminders to the people who hadn’t undergone the training.

The Dean decided that going through the lists and weeding out those who haven’t done the training is a bore. Instead, he sent a group email to everybody, berating us for not doing the training. Immediately, the people who had done the training started to respond to the entire thread, angrily and self-righteously defending themselves from the unfair accusation. So that you understand the magnitude of the blunder, we have 846 people total. Not everybody has written back but the thread has raged since yesterday and is still going strong right now. People don’t like the Dean, and this is a great way legitimately to spam his inbox.


6 thoughts on “No True Bill

  1. LOL. Do you also have a bunch of emails on that thread asking people “not to reply all” because it spams everyone’s inbox? Those are the best!

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  2. Is your IT administration stuck in 2004? If our dean sends out an email like that it goes out BCCed from a special address that you can’t reply to. It shows up as being from the dean, but it’s not the dean’s actual email address and you can’t see who else it was sent to. It’s been like that for university wide and college wide emails for many years and it’s almost entirely eliminated the “don’t reply to all” and “remove me from this list” storms of the past.

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    1. We used to have that but the new top administrator banned it because he found it aesthetically unpleasant or something like that.

      Yes, really. We are a weird bunch over here. The next step will be to send messages by means of postal pigeons.


      1. Postal pigeons would probably be a step up. Then there would be a pile of paper (and pigeons) that he couldn’t ignore like he can he email.


      2. That sounds great. Can you imagine the amount of poop the postal pigeons will leave behind after sending as many messages as in your current email chain?


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