Many Republicans

Today I attended a discussion meeting that National Review holds between its leading journalists and smallish groups of readers. This is my only chance to be somewhere where everybody is a Republican. Everybody! Feels so strange.

It was a great conversation. I’m in academia, so my chances to be in a room (virtual or real) with more than 1 Republican at any given time are nil.

These are journalists and people who read magazines, so the nature of the discussion was elevated. Everything was calm and triumphant. I’m a recent Republican, so everybody was more knowledgeable than I am, and I was content to stay silent and listen.

The journalists were Charles C. Cooke, Michael Brendan Dougherty, and Rich Lowry. They didn’t lecture but answered questions. The questions were smart, and so were the answers, especially on the inflation. The explanation as to what caused the inflation and why it’s not going to be fixed any time soon was great.

Best of all, nobody in the group was a victim. Nobody talked about anybody being a victim. Nobody sounded self-righteous or tried to guilt anybody about anything. Nobody said they were exhausted or had mental issues. I’m now on my way to a work-related group, and I know this whole list will be rolled out because it always is.

The group wasn’t as triumphant and upbeat as my Ukrainian discussion groups, but Americans by nature have a more muted affect (this is not a criticism, mind you. I’d kill for a more level affect but it’s physiological, you can’t change it). But it was at the opposite side of the spectrum from Democrat groups where everybody is down in the dumps all the time.

I’m now very energized to vote Republican.


3 thoughts on “Many Republicans

  1. You lucked out with the panelists. I no longer really read National Review (partially because I don’t like it that much, partially because they paywall so much now), but I still really like Dougherty.


  2. Clarissa, would you care to summarize what was told on the causes of inflation? I’m curious as I’m not sure I fully understand why it’s happening.

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