What If Things Don’t Change?

One interesting exercise that Charles Cooke suggested at the Republican event (see previous post) is this. Think about the area where you live and imagine that nothing is done in it politically for the next 30 years. It’s 2052 and absolutely nothing changed in the past 3 decades. How would you feel about that?

I thought about it, and if the town where I live and this whole area didn’t change at all. . . that would be pretty bloody amazing. Folks, this is as close to paradise on Earth as it can get. It’s exactly the kind of place where children should grow up and where parents should observe them grow up. I keep taking visitors to our poor area of town and they tell me they don’t see the difference between it and the middle-class area. Here everything is safe, beautiful, great nature, everything is affordable, tons of kids’ activities, great medical services with no waiting times – it’s so good.

I want this to be conserved exactly as is for my kid and her kids and so on to enjoy. It’s extraordinarily unique and rare that a civilization has achieved something like this. I don’t think it can be improved. I think we would be sorely tempting God (or fate, or good luck, whatever you believe) if we tried to fuss with it much.


9 thoughts on “What If Things Don’t Change?

  1. I would be unhappy with zero political change here, but it might be better than the political change that will actually come. I already miss our old mayor and city council.


  2. Our lovely small town feel has been largely destroyed by the most recent mayor and his green-lighting massive apartment complexes, parking garages, and a plethora of roundabouts in what used to be a beautifully quaint midwestern town. So I’d much rather go back ten years and start from that.

    But taking what I have now with no more of his “progress” for the next 30 years would definitely be preferable over his plans to continue the ugliness, which seems to be bringing loads of crime along for the ride.

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    1. It’s so sad to hear about this. I’m doing all I can to convince people around here to vote in the local elections and prevent far-left candidates from overtaking local office.


      1. So far, it has been impossible for a Democrat to win a local election here. But for three terms in a row, many of us have been working to elect true conservatives to the mayors office and city council, and every time these crooked crony capitalists win in the primaries. So by November, there’s no one worth voting for in those races – I won’t stoop to bestowing a vote on people I radically disagree with, so am left with write-in candidates that have no chance.

        I could hope that people have finally started waking up to the disaster that this group of criminals has imposed on our town, but we’re already looking at four more years of their back room deals and gutting of everything good because they already primaried the decent options this year. And “people” have such short memories…I fear that 4 years down the road, we’ll be in this same situation yet again.

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  3. Politically, nothing’s perfect but things are mostly livable here.

    The problem is, things staying the same here doesn’t keep things from being completely nuts in other places, and then people all over the country cast a roving eye around for someplace saner… and move here. Which is great. I totally understand.

    But if nothing changes about that situation, we will have to move to methville Ohio to afford a house.

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