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Here’s a good long article on the way in which wokeness is destroying the study of history in the US. The author explains correctly that these are job wars hiding under the guise of politics and identity grievance.

Finally, people are figuring out that these academic debates do seep into regular life and affect all of us.


8 thoughts on “Link of the Day

  1. It is frightening to sub in classrooms and find that the students are only being taught Zinn. All that they know about Columbus was that he was a rapist and a slave dealer.

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    1. I know! A graduating senior regaled me with the news that “Spaniards brought sexism and violence into the New World.” It’s tragic to see a whole generation lap up this childish drivel.


            1. The Zinnification of the education system has a lot to answer for. Zinn’s writing is so superficial, vapid and ideological that it’s a shame anybody takes it seriously, let alone teaches it as serious history.


  2. Not everything in the world has to do with control of the capital, but way more than meets the eye has to do with control of the capital. It’s never a bad idea to ask oneself, especially when things don’t seem to make sense, who exactly is making money (and how) from all the chaos and confusion. Answering that question tends to make all the confusion and illogicality dissipate really fast.

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