Kherson Is Free

Another brilliant operation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the Ukrainian city of Kherson. People are coming out into the streets with Ukrainian flags. Imagine the risks they ran hiding these flags during occupation when people were shot or hung by Russians for lesser offences against Russian sensibilities. This is the power of the nation.

Please don’t pay attention to the headlines in Western media that say things like “Russian troops withdrew from Kherson.” They didn’t withdraw. They were kicked out. This was another very elegant, patient, thought-out operation by the Ukrainian army. Russians lost, in part, because yet again they sacrificed military strategy to political purposes. They sent massive troops to hold on to towns with no strategic importance because those towns acquired symbolic value to them. To hold on to those towns they bared the strategically crucial parts of the front that were necessary to deliver weapons and supplies. It was pretty unbelievable to watch. All military analysts were saying, “Wait, they can’t possibly be doing this. It’s insane. Is there a trick?” But there’s no trick. It’s what happens when politicians try to conduct military strategy and the actual military leadership is completely sidelined. The failures of the Russian military strategy will be studied in military academies around the world for decades to come. As will Ukrainian wins.

Happy Veterans Day and glory to Ukraine!

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