Not on the Ballot

No, they didn’t. Just like COVID, this simply wasn’t on the ballot. Republicans literally didn’t put a single thing I care about on the ballot. There’s a plethora of surefire winning issues, and they used exactly zero of them.


7 thoughts on “Not on the Ballot

  1. Yeah I was surprised by that. Zeldin did talk about medical freedom and crime which were important to some voters. But the rest? Why do you think that is?


    1. “this trans culture war stuff is just not there”

      Then why is it being pushed so hard… I’m starting to see echoes of it in far off Poland (sure sign it’s perceived as a major thing here).

      It’s not accidental and not based on any perceptible reality… why is it such a big deal?


      1. Because it’s a great way to keep us plebs divided and fighting amongst each other. That’s basically the whole point of these so called culture wars. It’s a totally made up problem, so I’m not surprised most people are not really affected by it.


  2. “Republicans literally didn’t put a single thing I care about on the ballot”

    My quick take is the republican establishment doesn’t want to win until they’ve purged the MAGAs and are purposefully running campaigns based around dinosaur issues that they know don’t resonate with voters.


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