The True Leader

Nobody is studying the MAGAs, but they are a fascinating, continuously evolving and very misunderstood movement. For instance, their attachment to Trump is a lot more provisional and weak than many people think. In last week’s election, they humiliated him by not showing up to vote because their real leader told them not to. Most Trump-endorsed candidates tanked as a result but MAGAs are completely indifferent to that fact. “Those were bad candidates,” they say stonily. “And there’s no real voting anyway until we recover our constitution.” [They believe that the US stopped being a country and became a corporation over a 100 years ago and every election since then has been a sham. Even Trump’s because he wasn’t elected but installed by a military junta.]

True MAGAs’ narrative on Trump is “I still believe he’s not corrupt and I’ll support him until I hear otherwise.” The moment the true leader tells them otherwise, they’ll dump Trump and move on.

I’m talking about the hardcore MAGAs here. The adrenochrome adepts. If you don’t know what that is and can’t name the true leader I’m referring to, you aren’t one of them.

5 thoughts on “The True Leader

    1. For a priceless look into the depths of the Russian soul, I highly recommend this video to everybody.

      What the people are chanting is ‘Our goal is Washington. We’ll go to heaven, and they’ll go to hell.” And yes, these are Soviet flags they are carrying.


      1. ” the depths of the Russian soul”

        Here’s a twitter thread basically repeating what you’ve been saying for years – it’s not putain’s war, it’s a war born out of the russian feeling of superiority…

        Galeev had something similar recently (putain’s domestic credibility is tied to foreign military aggression…)


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