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The real leader of the hardcore MAGAs is very active on Telegram but he also makes regular public appearances. He gathers pretty big crowds, and these are not free events. You need to pay, often quite a lot, to get in. This is so much smarter than a rally for FBI purposes because they get everybody’s credit card information and a separate list of people with money who share these ideas. A VIP pass to a meeting costs between $500 and $750. There are also packages for events that last several days. These start at $2,500.

Isn’t it interesting that such a story isn’t being reported anywhere? These are very well-attended meetings but there’s zero coverage in the local press when they happen. And you can’t find them online by location or speaker name. There was one such meeting in a neighboring town. It was packed. I had a source at the meeting who took video clips and showed me. The funny thing is that the event was mentioned nowhere at the website of the conference facility where it took place. In fact, it had no online presence at all. The link to make reservations said something completely different and it mutated fast.

The first of these events I heard about was in Miami in December of 2020. It was a gigantic venue but you couldn’t find it online or in the press. I saw photographic and video evidence of the event. I know people who went.

Everybody has the perfect right to find this uninteresting but to me it’s very curious, which is why I shared. And mind you, I didn’t go off half-cocked the moment I heard about this. I’ve been tracking this for two years.

28 thoughts on “My Scoop

  1. I wonder why so many of these cult-like phenomena seem to start in America or in any case to be so widespread there. What character trait or cultural feature makes Americans so much more prone to cults or cult-like experiences than, say, Europeans or Asians?

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    1. “Americans so much more prone to cults or cult-like experiences”

      My guess would be that in most of Europe/Asia religion is mostly a closed question whereas it’s perpetually open in the US…


  2. “to find this uninteresting ”

    I find it fascinating and a little unnerving… I liked it better when the leadership was more accessible…
    To be perfectly honest, I’ve never found the MAGA beliefs very scary at all… the crazy conspiracy parts can’t be operationalized and when you strip away fearmongering hype about them it’s very traditional mainstream ideas.
    But when corporations want to convince people that honesty and conscientiousness are evil then I guess they’re going to be scary because their beliefs don’t increase corporate power…

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    1. I’m sure the corporations are fine with MAGAs so long as they are buying stuff whether it be guns or pickup trucks or whatever they can market to them.


      1. “so long as they are buying stuff ”

        That’s the problem, part of the MAGA idea is that private commercial interactions are not the be all and end all of society. Those pushing private commercial interactions as the highest form of enlightened humanity… don’t like that.

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        1. Whoever is pushing this position, I don’t think it is the corporations. There are some areas which can’t be done effectively by the private sector such as law enforcement which is why something like the Pinochet regime is probably the bare minimum for capitalism, although obviously it is possible to do much better.


        1. In SA these people are called government officials. This behavior is causing a huge decline in working class voting because why vote for a workers representative when only the representative benefits?


  3. Something nice:

    Девять месяцев войны. Путин устало и нудно угрожает миру ядерным ударом.

    А миру уже плевать. Все переживают за украинского енота.

    Пес Патрон и енот без имени уделали стратега в информационном поле.

    Нормально повоевал? (с)

    авторства Саши Кладбище (псевдоним):

    Покрали енота, машину, ковёр,
    Картины в музее, стиралку.
    Покрали, насрали, не пойман не вор,
    Сломали, чужое – не жалко.
    Покрали, насрали, сломали, и вот –
    Восторг и экстаз от процесса!
    Покражу в поэзии вам воспоет

    Теперь военкор-поэтесса:
    Не может же русский «украсть», никогда,
    «Ограбить» и «спиздить» – негоже!
    «Покрасть» это мило! Придумай тогда
    Убийству словечечко тоже.
    «Покрал», «Понасиловал», «Поубивал»,
    «Пожёг», «Попытал», безобразник!
    Где русский солдат на земле побывал,
    Он так, подразрушил, проказник.

    Покрали, насрали, сломали, и вот –
    Сбежали! Догонишь? Ну, то-то!
    …Мене лиш бентежить той бідний єнот –
    Бо він чистоплотна істота.
    Нещасний єнот, вочевидь, не хотів
    Тримати хутряної дупи
    В полоні засранців, убивць і катів
    І руських поетів до купи.

    Тримайся, єноте! Настануть часи,
    Повернемо тебе додому,
    Бо у зоопарку вільніше в рази,
    Ніж будь-де в росії в цілому.

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      1. “to be completely sure before I reported anything”

        I tried looking him up on social media and not much there… what I have found is some excerpts of public speeches in which his… manner is very…. southern preacher like.
        It’s still true…. in America the road to charisma runs through preaching…

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        1. He was one of the original attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse. He tried to sabotage the case, and the kid finally fired him.

          He’s a lifelong Democrat who recently found religion and became a sort of a lay preacher. I read a few of his long religious screeds, and they are really funny. His understanding of Christianity is… eccentric, let’s put it that way. But absolutely, he’s doing the preacher persona, and apparently it works.


  4. “And mind you, I didn’t go off half-cocked the moment I heard about this. I’ve been tracking this for two years.”

    LW is not much of a scoop.


  5. “A VIP pass to a meeting costs between $500 and $750. There are also packages for events that last several days. These start at $2,500.”

    This sounds like a typical political fundraiser. They all do it, why is this so different?


      1. “why is this so different?”

        …in addition to what methylethyl said the covert nature of these, with no advertising or publicity simply spread among the… enlightened (for lack of a better word)
        very, very weird…

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        1. Sounds like a secret membership club with a hefty entrance fee. Very gnostic. They pay to obtain special knowledge that leads to salvation and the secrecy is part of the attraction.

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          1. Somewhere down the road, we’ll find out the leader/s were into some really sleazy sexual exploitation of followers/others. Because when is that ever not the case in a cult?


        2. I’m telling you, people, I knew for a fact that an event was happening at a certain venue close by. I know somebody who was physically there. The venue has a program of events on its website but this one was not there. It wasn’t mentioned anywhere online at all. I looked and looked. Some big-name people came to these events. In the earliest, for instance, Gen. Flynn was one of the speakers. Then the crowd decided he’s a traitor and he was excluded from future meetings. This other General who keeps appearing on Tucker is a regular speaker at the events. I forget the name. And there’s no info anywhere? How is that not weird?


          1. As for the online trail, it’s also very fishy. You get a link to buy the tickets to an event. The link says something completely different and it works for one day. On the next day, it’s a completely different link. I asked an attendee to show me where she bought the ticket, and the link wasn’t working anymore. This was the day after she bought it.

            LW’s Telegram is like that, too. It floats. And there’s a key. It’s like a translation of the main concepts that all stand for something else. This is why his Telegram feed is incomprehensible to the uninitiated.

            All of this screams FBI to me. I can’t imagine a single individual – especially a frumpy middle-age guy – to have the technological capacity to charge payments to a new link every day. It would be both exhausting and utterly unnecessary.


      2. Absolutely. They aren’t raising money or claiming to do so. They don’t have any political goal within the political space as it exists. Early on, there were some conversations about how “we should run for local office” but that idea never took. This is a magical thinking crowd. The political process bores it.


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